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This website was created to enable the various members of our family to communicate with each other, exchange information and collaborate. It is the result of many years of work, gathering information in archives and interviews with many relatives. The first to collect, write and graphically display a lot of information about our families was Josef Prause (* 1914). He did this in the 1970s. After his death, we living the data collected by him took over, thanks to several individuals significantly expanded and transferred to its current form.

Today's world is becoming increasingly soulless, materialized and globalized. Words like "tradition", "homeland" or "family" become for many just empty sounds, devoid of the deeper emotional content that our ancestors put into them. If we fail to save them, they will be lost forever with all the wealth of meanings and experiences that future generations will lose. One must know where he or she comes from, because no one can be from anywhere.

The site allows all visitors to view information about people and their families, but only those who are not living. Data on living persons are only available to verified family members who must be registered (currently we have a total of 72 registered members). If one of the visitors, in his opinion, belongs to a branch of our family and would like to gain full access to his family's data, let him ask for registration without hesitation. See the FAQ for instructions.

We will welcome every relative with such interest and in return we will expect him to contribute with his knowledge to the addition and enrichment of the family tree. Every new personal or family documentary and photographs, however historical, are appreciated.

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The Our Family website contains information on several branches: Prause, Špunda, Martinek, Smička, Nevrlý, Bernát and Dočkal. The families are linked by the marriages of different people at different times. Therefore, they are shown here as one broadly branched family tree. Geographically, the families have been mainly concentrated in the past in two areas of Bohemia and Moravia, namely the foothills of the Eagle Mountains (Náchod and Kladsko) and Haná (Lutín and Olomouc). Later, towards the present, families spread out into the world.

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If you have any comments, please contact Josef Prause (ADMIN).

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Rajmund Špunda *1884
Birth: December 30, 1884 28 23 Lutín
Death: July 6, 1942Lutín
Josef Prause *1885
Birth: September 17, 1885 25 24 Olešnice v Orlických horách
Death: December 3, 1948Nový Hrádek-Dlouhé
Josef Nevrlý *1853
Birth: September 1, 1853 33 38 Lutín
Death: March 29, 1915Lutín
Tomáš Smička *1839 hlava
Birth: July 23, 1839 33 34 Luběnice
Death: February 20, 1926Medlov
Alois Placek *1879 portrét
Birth: December 9, 1879 23 29 Lutín
Death: January 20, 1964Lutín
Filoména Bernátová
Birth: May 13, 1861 34 26 Lutín
Death: February 22, 1937Lutín
Birth: January 18, 1820 33 29 Slatinice
Death: November 6, 1909Bystročice
Top 16 given names


Given names
Given name Individuals
Jan 348
Josef 301
František 261
Jiří 133
Antonín 123
Petr 83
Václav 81
Tomáš 74
Martin 66
Jaroslav 60
Ignác 53
Jakub 53
Pavel 53
Matěj 50
Miroslav 45
Karel 39


Given names
Given name Individuals
Anna 322
Marie 265
Mariana 181
Kateřina 114
Františka 102
Jana 73
Ludmila 63
Barbora 59
Terezie 46
Veronika 45
Alžběta 44
Eva 41
Magdalena 40
Hana 39
Josefa 37
Jarmila 33
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