Frequently asked questions

What are the main special features of this tree?
What are this site's privacy policies?
When do I need an account for access? And, how do I apply for one?

What are the main special features of this tree?

Most genealogy sites show the tree in different ways, but none of them can be configured, changed, or updated by you. Only the site administrator can perform updates.

This website is interactive. Anyone whose family is in this extended tree can update, add, and make changes to their close branches after retrieving permission by the site administrator.

With this website you can:

  • Keep privacy of living people; the site administrator determines whom you can see.
  • Enjoy many possibilities to view the tree: as different charts, reports, or lists.
  • It's a collaborative tree; with the site administrator's permission, everyone can take part in updating the tree.

What are this site's privacy policies?

Each of us at consider privacy of paramount importance and we protect our data vigorously.
Fortunately, webtrees' software confidentiality functions are excellent in the application of certain rules of privacy - our main site hides details about people who are alive or to those who you are not linked. To view details of living people, you will have to be a trusted member of our site and you must connect to the site with your username and password account. Your free membership gives you access to your special page (INDI record ID #) in the family tree. In addition, our site uses several levels of privacy access and user verification, as well as webtrees' relationship privacy. The latter function lets you see information for people defined as a close relative. If you are a member of the site and connected and still see some individuals or families still marked as "private", this feature has been enabled for your account. If you think your access is too restricted, please email the genemaster and explain with details of identification numbers, where you were blocked and why you believe you should see this information. Of course, no system is perfect or unbreakable and inadvertent access to data remains a remote possibility. We do our best to address all privacy issues quickly. If you feel strongly about some of your personal data stored here, please contact the genemaster via the e-mail links below. Your data can be removed from the site, but your access may also be restricted. See also the FAQ on the site information. We take abuse of our information seriously, and will not tolerate theft or misuse. We will take legal action against those who engage in or attempt identity theft or harassment as result of accessing our data.

Do not copy our data on living persons to any other sites or to places that you may be unable to protect the privacy of these individuals. You can be held responsible for this exposure or abuse. As you will see, there is a lot of time, effort and talent that has been extended to assemble this database. We don't want others simply copying our collective work. Also, we do not share the information contained herein with other sources, nor do we contribute information to any commercial enterprise (, Geni, Tribal Pages, etc). We expect you to respect this policy as well. Please do not copy our data to other sites, and certainly never post information on living persons elsewhere. This database will remain in our possession for the public display of public domain information, and will not be sold, given or loaned in any way or form in order to generate revenue by us or by others. Personal data will not be shared by us with a public source and you, as our users, are sworn to the same high standards.

Remember, the security of your password is essential in protecting the privacy of your own and other family members information, so keep it safe. We recommend that you change your password from time to time. Please note also that, as site administrators, we can not access your password. If you forget yours, please use the "Request for new password" on the login page and a new, temporary one will be sent to your registered e-mail address.

When do I need an account for access? And, how do I apply for one?

NOTE: does NOT REQUIRE REGISTRATION to access data on known deceased persons on our website. However, to contribute or to see facts on your presumed living relatives, you will need to register for a free account and advise us of your relationship.

  1. Registrants should be relatives, albeit a distant cousin in many cases, however somehow related to someone already listed or someone who should be listed on our site. Registration on this site is available only to those with an identifiable link to an existing individual or families within this tree, or to someone we should add to have more complete data;
  2. Registrants should be prepared to visit regularly and contribute to our sites, at a minimum providing us with your personal and immediate family information and later - modifications, augmentation, amplifications and additions to our existing data;
  3. Registrants must pledge to protect the privacy of the data on all living persons on the site, and, as noted above, contribute your own personal information. Any privacy violations will lead to immediate termination of access privileges and may be cause for legal action. We take the possibility of identity theft or information abuse seriously. Please see our Privacy Section above for more details.

If you qualify for an account and agree to abide by these rather simply policies and procedures, please use the registration form built into our site. Be sure to:

  1. Use the comments field to answer ALL the information requested on that page (and here),
  2. Explain your relationship to relatives contained within the existing site, your brief lineage to that person, and
  3. Clearly confirm by affirmation your acknowledgement of your intentions to abide by our policies and access rules.

After you submit your request, we will then review your application. Please be patient as proper review and verification may take some time and effort and we may sometimes be away for several days. Incomplete applications will be held until we receive the confirmation of relationship, enter you into our database and receive your promises (affirmations) to protect privacy and all data on living persons and to abide by this site's terms and conditions of use as outlined in these FAQs